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    References II Degree and Intermediate Genetics


    • Snyder - The Principles of Heredity
    • Sinnott & Dunn - The Principles of Genetics
    • Castle - Genetics & Eugenics
    • Sharp - Introduction to Cytology [cell biology]
    • Jackson - Problems in Human Heredity


    • Journal of Heredity - American
    • Journal of Genetics - British
    • Genetics - American

    Bibliographies on Applied Genetics and Breeding

    1. Forage plants, see Pubs. of Imperial Bureau of Plant Genetics, Aberystwyth
    2. Cereals and (plants other than forage), see Pubs. of Imperial Bureau of Plant Genetics, Cambridge
    3. Animal Breeding, see Pubs. of Imperial Bureau of Animal Genetics, Edinburgh
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    References - Genetics and Eugenics
    Macdonald Institute Seniors


    • Snyder - The Principles of Heredity
    • Popenoe & Johnston - Applied Eugenics
    • Castle - Genetics & Eugenics
    • Lindsay - Evolution & Genetics
    • Altenburg - How We Inherit
    • Holmes - The Trend of the Race
    • Mohr - Heredity and Disease
    • Lorimer & Osborn - Dynamics of Population
    • Buar-Fischer-Lenz - Human Heredity
    • Gates - Heredity in Man


    • Journal of Heredity - American
    • The Eugenics Review - British
    • Eugenical News (Record of Race Hygiene) - American

    Bibliographies on Applied Genetics and Breeding

    See Eugenics file in Library, Macdonald Institute for papers from:-

    Eugenics Record Office,

    Cold Spring Harbour,

    Long Island, N.Y.

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    New Reference Books on Eugenics and Genetics

    Wiggam, A.B. - The Fruit of the Family Tree.

    Guyer, M.F.- Being Well-Born.

    Fasten - Principles of Genetics and Eugenics 1936

    Rice - Principles of Biology 1936

    Conklin - Heredity and Environment.

    Holmes - Human Genetics and its Social Import 1936.

    Popenoe - The Child’s Heredity and Applied Eugenics.

    Popenoe & Johnson - Applied Eugenics 1933.

    Folsom - Plan for Marriage 1938

    Reports Eugenic Congresses.

    Note - For references from the above books see, -
    Jackson, V. W. - Problems in Human Heredity.

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    [Partial Transcript]

    “Shallow Lake Man Expects Fortune from Fur Freaks”

    Now Has Eight Black and White Mink -- Refuses $5,000 for One

    Shallow Lake, Dec. 10--Percy Noble, Shallow Lake fur rancher, declined to comment on a report that he recently refused $5,000 for eight freak fur-bearing animals developed from the pedigreed mink stock on his farm during the past year.

    “I wouldn’t be surprised if they turned out to be worth considerably more than that.” Noble stated. “They are the only animals of their kind in the world, according to the statements of several noted authorities. No one has seen anything like them and I just don’t care to sell them at any price.”


    “I’m convinced they’re worth a fortune. You won’t see them in coats for awhile, but when you do they’ll be millionaire wraps.”

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    [Partial Transcript]

    Third Year Genetics Review


    4. Explain the segregation of varieties of wheat, the races of men, and the breeds of livestock on a genotypic basis.

    13. How can we utilize the progeny test to better advantage in the improvement of livestock in Canada?

    16. Explain the genetic basis of our present pig testing stations

    17. Explain how our present show ring method of giving prizes to phenotypes could be improved and put on a utility basis by giving prizes to genotypes in conjunction with progeny tests.


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