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Welcome Video - Transcript

(the video begins with Mona Stonefish doing a traditional opening in Anishinaabemowin)

“You are welcomed into this learning space.  This course shares efforts and stories of people from different communities that are affected by eugenics.  

It focuses on stories of Ontario survivor-activists who share what they live, experience and know.  The people who live these experiences are honoured members of their communities.  As part of their activism, they offer their stories for all of us to learn.

The stories you will experience are, in part, violent. Eugenics is a violence imposed on people, which you will learn more about through the stories.  

Each of you will experience the stories in different ways, and you might have heightened responses, including trauma responses.

We ask that you care for yourself and each other as you move through this learning space.

Education can be a powerful tool of change.  Sometimes that change is about creating a world of exclusion and oppression and genocide.  Sometimes that change is about creating a social just world.

Included are more details about actively engaging ethically and sensitively, which you can return to at any time.

Thank you for joining us.”

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