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Widening the Story – Artifact 1

Time Tree

Those with lived experiences have important knowledge and awareness of the ways systems of dehumanization, erasure, and elimination continue today. They understand the need for ongoing activism.

To explore the ways eugenics is still active today as a legacy of its earlier forms and in new forms within our institutions, visit Peter Park’s Time Tree.

The creators of this activity have developed the Time Tree to show some of the ways that the tools and mechanisms of colonial and eugenic race betterment continue to repeat over time and impact many different people. These same dates, tools, and mechanisms also overlap with the lived experiences of other survivors of colonial race betterment ideas and practices, including First Nations, Black, and other racialized settler nations, and people labelled with intellectual or developmental disability. The activism and lived experiences of survivors act as a counterpoint to colonial and eugenic tools and mechanisms that recur through time.

The lived experiences of the survivor-activist whose stories have shaped and guided this module closely connect to the events represented on this Time Tree. There are also gaps in the events represented. We recognize these gaps and ask you to help fill them.

Three trees

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