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In Conversation: Eugenics Retold


On Saturday, October 26, 2019, Guelph Civic Museum hosted a conversation event with the creators of Into the Light: Eugenics and Education in Southern Ontario. The event was called “In Conversation: Eugenics Retold.”

We had a number of interpreters supporting the event, providing ASL, Deaf, CART, and graphic interpretation. The conversation was also filmed to document the co-creative process for future knowledge sharing and learning.

Giuliana Lattanzio and Petra-Ann Asfaw documented the conversation in the graphic interpretation presented here. Photo courtesy of Evadne Kelly.

Into the Light: An Interpretation of Two Research Papers


Into the Light: An Interpretation of Two Research Papers is a short film written and performed by Jessie Huggett and Rachel Gray. The film was directed and animated by Gray and choreographed by Huggett. The film is an interpretation of the following 2021 research papers: “Projecting Eugenics and Performing Knowledges” by Evadne Kelly, Seika Boye, and Carla Rice, and “Elements of a Counter‐exhibition: Excavating and Countering a Canadian History and Legacy of Eugenics” by Evadne Kelly, Dolleen Tisawii’ashii Manning, Seika Boye, Carla Rice, Dawn Owen, Sky Stonefish, and Mona Stonefish. The film was funded by Bodies in Translation: Activist Art, Technology, and Access to Life (a SSHRC Partnership Grant co-directed by Carla Rice and Eliza Chandler).

Interpretation Reference

Gray, Rachel, and Jessie Huggett. Into the Light: An Interpretation of Two Research Papers, 2022.