About Me

Hello Friends,

My name is Andrea and I’ll be pretty honest with you – *looks side to side and whispers* “I’m an Xennial”. Yep, I’m one of those lucky ones to grow up without cell phones and social media. A lot of my computer skills has come from years of trial and error. I’ve always wanted to start a blog but was never confident enough to do so. But, recently I began thinking “why not?”. It’s now or never and so here I am!

I was born and raised in Collingwood, Ontario (yep, home of Blue Mountain Ski Resort), which made it very difficult to finish homework after school when all I wanted to do was head up to “the hill” and catch some slopes. I came from a family of skiers and that was our life.

As a teen, I always envisioned myself moving to Toronto and starting a career. Pretty sure it had something to do with obsessively watching ‘Working Girl’ and the moment that iconic song came on, my head started dreaming. I envisioned myself sitting at a desk overlooking the downtown city streets, looking down and seeing people rushing by…. *record screeches*…. and so I became a funeral director and none of that happened.

I absolutely love my job. That’s right, how often can you hear someone say that? But it’s a rewarding one and I love helping families during their most difficult time in their life. No, it’s not always easy. Sometimes I’ll come home and think about what I had just witnessed or was a part of and it makes me realize how precious and delicate our lives are.

So, I’ve created “Into The Light”. The place where I can relax and unwind. A place with happy and positive vibes. Topics will include fashion, travel, food, movies, music, etc. Here I’ll be able to share experiences in my life that hopefully will interest you as well.

Andrea xo